Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

Soul Motion


For a long time, I thought of myself as a person who has few words to share with others. Starting a blog, for instance, was until now completely uncharacteristic.

But I noticed that if I paid less attention to my doubts and fears, a faint voice of meaning began to emerge. What’s more, if I dared to put my ideas out in a blog or a post, then someone out in cyberspace might find in my words something meaningful to them, resulting from something meaningful that I had found in words someone else had shared.

All that is to say that experiences, sensations and interests are co-influencing and co-creating meaning together all the time. We may feel we are only really aware of our own experience, but is that reality as individual as we sometimes lead ourselves to believe?

I find it fascinating that the emerging modern world of continuous, spontaneous internet and social media actually magnify this constant connection. We now expedite what was long ago coined the “telephone effect.” We sculpt our individual meaning-making from each other. Our evolution moves like a spiral, looping back, side and front, facing all directions as we continuously gather light from connection.

Connection is the nature of things. As with nature, so it is with our bodies— and with each other.

In some schools of thought, water symbolizes connection.  All waterways connect to all other waterways around the world; they connect to the sky, too, as mist, dew, rain and snow, and they connect to the water in all living thing.  Water binds across time: dinosaurs lived with the exact same water we do.

Fascia, the connective tissue that Rolfing® attends to, is also a system of connectivity.   Superficial layers of tissue connect to deeper layers— a web of communication, response and support that weaves our parts into a moving, dynamic whole responding to each moment of our lives.  If you practice yoga regularly, your joints will become more pliable, your tissue more resilient.  Conversely, if you have a broken bone, your fascia will thicken through that bone and its surrounding tissue.  This can lead to pain and restriction in movement as large, interconnected and intercommunicating sheaths of fascia respond. Strain can lessen when it receives touch (yet another connection) from a Rolfer whose hands can coordinate your body’s patterns toward a natural, inherent buoyancy.

Last month, I got to explore another mode of co-connection when I participated in a workshop called “Beyond Skin” with Soul Motion teacher, Michael Skelton.  In it, we created a “movement prayer” where we were “called to move beyond the separation to bring what is outside of [us] to play within and what is within to pray out in the world.  Sounds like a big connection!

For two and a half days, 50 or more of us danced our individual dances to the wave of rich, diverse music that pulled us through multiple dimensions of the feeling human heart.

We worked towards the overarching prayer of seeing ourselves as a “work of art.” Through the pulsing of the music we heard the beat of our hearts, and step-by-step in this ritual we broke the restricting “picture frame” that had banned our “living masterpiece” and allowed the full expression of our hearts’ desires to emerge.

It was amazing to me to be in the presence of a group of people— some who knew each other, many others complete strangers— all connecting together effortlessly and with so few words!  The incredibly vibrant voices of rappers, poets and folk singers wove their wisdom and strength into the music like a tapestry of courage.  Hour after hour, we shed old, useless patterns and retrieved our inner voices well-worth listening to.

Messages of the heart that finally found their audience.

It felt surprisingly enriching and natural to be with so many people and so few words. I am more accustomed to existing in the company of my fellow humans with so many words! This time was different. I could clearly and peacefully hear my heart’s message, and I had the space to see the hearts of others, too—in their eyes, their body gestures, their emerging dance. There, I could taste the depth of our connection, all of us.

Meaning began to weave through me, telling me, “What I feel connects to all these people around me right now.  My connection with each person informs them with my energy and what they are feeling informs me.  Each of them becomes meaningful to me in some way and I become meaningful to each of them.”

This is our world now.  I began to find a new identity as a person who has words that can reach, touch and even contribute to the healing of someone else, somewhere else.  And then, there are others, and there will be others, that are there for me. Some won’t even have words.  Some will dance.  And so it is in the deep crevices and spaces of our bodies as well.


We simply are connected.