Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

A Revolution in Movement


Rolf Movement®, like Rolfing® Structural Integration, reflects the revolutionary ideas of Dr. Ida P. Rolf (1895-1979).

In case you haven’t noticed, popular core exercise routines focusing on abdominal core stability do not always prove satisfactory.

Rolf Movement, evolving since the 1970’s with Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and now with Hubert Godard and others, organizes movement according to inner and outer perception. The result? A more integrated means of connecting to and understanding the whole experience of moving and being alive.

Rolf Movement begins with our relationship to gravity and space. When we orient to the ground, we feel stable through our bodies; when we orient to space, we feel interconnected with “other,” which includes the perception of space itself and the perception of who or what is inhabiting that space with us.

What happens internally when we orient with “other,” be it a person, a yoga class, a speeding car, a race we are competing in or a sunny Sunday afternoon, has a lot to do with the structural and functional well-being of our bodies. The question becomes: how do we stay connected with ourselves and “other” in wholeness?

During a Rolf Movement class, when we find stabilizing and balanced mobility with ease of presence, relating with ground and space, courtesy, minkinimsiwe can observe improved transmission of forces through our whole core, from feet to head.  In a two hour movement class that helps us sharpen these powers of awareness, we are drawn closer to the effect of natural evolutionary movement.

In this way, we are actually standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, following the evolutionary blueprint of easeful movement that is our birthright.

In Rolf Movement, we learn to use our inherent “movement brain,” or felt sense, through physical imagination rather than effort.  We discover ways to do daily tasks, exercises, and manual labor—great and small—with more ease and efficiency. Our imagination converses with our movement brain and we feel our body internally organizing itself, thereby releasing strenuous and compounded out-of-date habits.

In this way, we develop confidence in meeting physical challenges, so we can age gracefully and retain a flowing sense of well-being.