Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

SourcePoint®: Feeling into Trust


I’ve begun to trust the things I don’t see more then the things I do.

Those words come to me recently as I am giving a SourcePoint Therapy session. The work demands that I feel into the energetic field, or, in other words, that I sense the aliveness of space.

This awareness feels trustworthy, because I sense my connection to it—it feels me as well. I trust that this is health.

This is how things are: We live in a field of health always available to us.  I have learned this over and over again by joining with others who are also choosing a practice of seeing in this way.

When I feel into trusting what I do not see and surrender, an aliveness and connected presence become apparent.  These grow and flow with me, and I trust that this feeling—and not merely my hands—touches the client who is receiving the session.

In my experience, this awareness is a lifetime practice, yet to convey it I would say it is as easy as walking in nature—as easy as feeling the trees: that awesome, relaxed sensation of being fully alive, noticing your senses awakening and becoming aware of the spaces and random order surrounding you. What seems random about this feeling is in fact oddly harmonizing and balancing.

It is not often pointed out to us that that feeling actually includes a consciousness of “being sensed” by Nature—of its resonating and receiving us and everything else.

Like the woods, or open plains or rocky ridges, change is always there—a presence felt; a feeling that has no words. To sense it is to be open, to not know, to not define what is happening, but to instead accept complete openness to what one feels.  There are endless possibilities that are always moving and connecting to all else.  To feel it is to find our “felt-self”, our lost sense of Being returning home.

Recently, I read in a life-changing book, “New Self, New World,” by Phillip Shepard, that in the origins of the Indo-European language the words trust and truth are connected with the word tree—“dru,” as in “firm as a tree.”  This suggests that the enlivening feeling I described can be trusted to inform and guide us, confirming, like a tree.

I would suggest practicing this “feeling into trust” through the body by contemplating the following:

Trust comes by connecting—perceiving and orienting—with space and weight. Weight, as in feeling your feet connecting with the ground and the ground connecting with your feet, can help you feel safe, grounded and linked; space has energy that is always alive, vibrating and resonating with activity, and is no different from you—connecting.

From here, open to what you experience.

When you find this openness and presence to being, then what is felt (and not seen) is more trustworthy then what might want to be seen, because you may only want to see certain things. Both feeling and seeing can inform you, but try choosing to be guided by the information of space and the felt sense of grounding into your weighted body. See what follows.

…And when you really feel into what you do not see, you can become empowered, because by doing so, you begin to release the burden of trying to get things to work the way you think they ought. Thus you join with all that is resonating with presence—which is everything—and a powerful energy becomes available to you. Your freedom of choice and endless connectedness moves you towards a new direction.  This does not happen in an instant, but I believe it is true.


Please consider signing up with me for a Rolfing® or SourcePoint session and embarking on such a journey.  Profound awareness can be kindled through bodywork.  There is much of benefit in these ways of healing.

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