Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

The Earth in your Pelvis: Connecting to the Sacred Feminine Within


When we are open, life pulls us toward what we need to know.

Recently I have found myself becoming an advocate for the pelvis!

It started three years ago when I attended a mystery school for women called Priestess Path, under the guidance of Alisa Starkweather in Western Massachusetts.

I was questioning the purpose of the deep confusion and turmoil in this world, and had a desire to understand the mystery around me. I had a notion that the sacred feminine was missing.

Priestess Path is an enchanting, heartfelt, mystical journey of truth, sharing, courage, loving kindness, joy, confrontation, community, deepening, and ceremony.  It is a rite of passage that connects a group of 28 women to the sacred feminine within and with each other, and restores balance in our world. Priestess Path initiates a great healing journey that is not singular, but rather encompasses the whole of all that is—it seeks to restore a genuine feminine presence that has been discarded, discredited and vandalized for thousands of years.

When I speak of the feminine and the masculine, I mean that each of us has feminine and masculine aspects within us, along a spectrum. When a person finds them to be in balance, there is wholeness.

As a culture, we have downplayed the presence of the feminine, passing down an inaccurate portrayal of its role for so many generations now that for the most part we are alien to what a feminine way of being actually is, what it feels like and what it offers us.

But, we can sense its absence.

Two years ago, I completed the training of Priestess Path and began the work ahead.

I now experience within me a greater sense of direction—an innate, deepening presence—and I listen.  It feels restorative. I’ve gained reverence for the Earth and her guidance.  Steadily, courage and commitment have called me to join in the awakening of the feminine spirit, whether or not I feel qualified.

For me, it means engaging the feminine within Rolfing—a transformative, mystical practice.

The body is a microcosmic reflection of the great Earth herself.  Each of us inhabits a pristine landscape worthy of attention, relationship, respect and care.  I see the Earth as a beautiful living, breathing, sensual body, constantly responding to the gestures of life around her—some replenishing; most depleting.  She is constantly communicating and offering ways to harmony if we care enough, slow down enough, come to stillness enough to surrender, listen and see.

As a Rolfer, I practice sensing the body and its ability to organize itself. I have come to trust that the pelvis is a vessel of wisdom that can show us how to restore the balance between the masculine (intellectual) and the feminine (sensing) strengths within each of us.

If we can come to embody or inhabit our pelvises, I believe we can feel whole.

The pelvis is the place we come from when we perceive sensation, presence, creation and connection.  If we practice drawing our energy down to this area from the head, we can awaken a sense of existence—not through logic or a need to know, but through gut feeling and being.

When we embody our feminine felt-sense, we recognize that we are the Earth.

In Rolfing, I help people feel how their physical structure is designed to instinctively receive support from both the force of gravity, grounding with the very center of the Earth, and the heliotropic force of light, orienting with the Sun.  When people feel and respond to balance as it is, they discover stability, flow, presence, ease and joy in a constantly moving world. 

Often, we may feel that we are losing support physically, emotionally or spiritually, and we may grasp, contract and lose our balance.  We become disoriented. Coming into our felt-self, we discover we have the innate capacity for the neverending dance of falling, finding support, reorienting and responding anew to each moment, again and again. We can always open and attune to what else is happening—always responding and resonating.

Phillip Sheppard describes engaging with the feminine way of being like this:

“[When] you reclaim your embodied wholeness, [you] attune as it is to the mindful present, attune to the frail, robust, transient beauty of life, it will also attune you to an understanding of justice that lies beyond dogma or self-interest.  This is not about asserting control, but about achieving harmony; not about substituting a new set of ideas for an old, but about living the wordless truth of the moment; not about getting ahead, but about embracing your life, in all its mystery and urgency and love…”

Two weeks ago, I returned from a Rolfing workshop on the female pelvis with Pilar Martin, a Rolfer, Midwife, Rolf Movement practitioner and wonderful teacher.  This was a class I had been waiting for!

I learned that there is a rich relationship between the feet that come to feel the Earth below and the aliveness of the pelvic floor—a resilient bowl; an elastic springboard.  When these two find attunement, we can experience grounding and flow through the core of the body.

Furthermore, I gained ways to release strains and adhesions that pull on the uterus and bladder to resolve pelvic and back issues.

Most importantly, I now have stronger methods to help women access their inherent strengths. These may be difficult to find, but can be recovered by freeing up the pelvis from restraint and discovering it as a beautiful, mystical and dynamic bowl of creation.

I look forward to integrating this new knowledge into my practice, and to writing further about my recent training!