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You Can’t Move Forward Without This

Movement in the Mountains I am moved by process when I join a group of people. We work to connect with the wilderness in a gentle, inquisitive way, discovering our deep relations here, learning what individual work is here for us to do. My body now misses the early morning sunlight beaming across the Berkshire […]

It’s Not your Mind that Feels—It’s your Body

It’s so good to move! We may notice we feel, think and do better when we give time for movement.  Outdoors or in, there are many ways we move—hiking, biking, swimming, yoga, pilates and lots of options at the rec center. But have you considered simply moving for its own sake? There is a lot […]

Less Talk, More Therapy

This article, which had impact when it came out, talks about Rolf Structural Integration and SourcePoint, two modalities that I practice. It beautifully describes how a client found fortitude in dealing with life through body work, or as she poses here, “body therapy”. It helps us see that we can come to greater balance and […]

Soul Motion

Meaning began to weave through me, telling me, “What I feel connects to all these people around me right now…”

Keynotes on the Foot

On my blog, I want to presenting anatomy lessons which I am sharing with the Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Vermont.  I put together short little lessons with some experiences to explore, which then make a  perfect link to my blog.  So here goes the first one. KEYNOTES ON THE FOOT: Here are some fun […]

A description of what Structural Integration can do:

“[SI is] unwrapping all of our belief systems; our patterning that we have developed and absorbed over the years from our culture, our religion,our teachers, our parents,  from our different experiences.  We never questioned how we got that.  [In this work], we are unwrapping our belief systems, so to speak, and we come to a […]

Musing about the layers of an onion

There is a buddhist description of a meditation practitioner being like an onion.  The more you let your discursive mind surrender to it’s true nature to  abide or rest calmly, the more you peel away one layer of the onion pulp after another.  Deep within is a radiance, transparency and simplicity that no longer seeks […]

Anatomy Trains, Kinesis Myofascial Integration

This past August, I submitted myself into a 500-hour training on the coast of Maine with Thomas Myers, in Anatomy Trains, Kinesis Myofascial Integration™ (KMI), which is a version of Structural Intigration, similar to Rolfing™. There were 32 students from as far as Australia, Hawaii, LA and the UK to Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine with […]