Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®


After a degenerative disc diagnosis many decades ago, I sought out health practitioners to support my body. Their treatments and lessons have included many types of bodywork - Rolfing, Alexander, Reiki, and more - as I moved around the country. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Liesje several years ago, and I can say without reservation that her knowledge, her practice, and her skill are deep and impactful. Thanks to movement lessons she includes in the Rolfing sessions, I have been able to access more coordinated movement ignition and experience immediate relief from discomfort that lasts well beyond the sessions. Thanks, Liesje! I will age better because of our work together.

Karen Walker

Michelle Lefkowitz
Sessions with Liesje were always enlightening. I felt met where I was with respect for my innate and evolving intelligence. Liesje has so much wisdom about the antomy and somatic traditions that her offerings were nuanced and allowed me to find my own embodied knowing. The insights I gained during my sessions continue to inform my movements and my meditations. I'm grateful for her work and am ever curious about her sessions with othere’s because my sessions were so unique to me. I felt safe and challenged as a whole embodied being.

Michelle Lefkowitz

Before working with Liesje I wondered if Rolfing would be too intense or unpleasant for me. Thankfully, she is a gifted clinician who nudged me toward health skillfully and supportively. I really look forward to our sessions. She is careful and thoughtful and devotes her attention fully when she works. I didn’t know I was missing this, but after experiencing it, I have realized that calm and focused presence is rare in today’s hectic world - sadly even in most health care settings. Liesje incorporates effective imagery and guidance into her work that helps me understand what she is seeing and feeling and how to cooperate with the process. She is adept at gently guiding my limbs and joints and tissues into a healthier posture, movement, and way of being. Sometimes I feel as if my body says, “Oh, that’s how I’m supposed to do my job. I’ve been doing it the hard way. Why didn't you show me that before?” I love how I leave feeling not that I've been worked on, but that I’ve been worked with. I am so very grateful for Liesje’s gentle but impactful care and her careful and nurturing presence.
Robert Davis

Robert Davis

I met Liesje at an "Authentic Movement" class, and I was drawn to the way she held her own body. I attended her "Rolf Movement" class last Fall/Winter and I knew I wanted to work with her. I am 66 years old, a dancer and an ex-athlete with issues around my body. Some of which are congenital, others acquired over a lifetime.

I have worked with several other Rolfers and I find Liesje intuitive, effective and gentle all at the same time. Her approach is unique in my experience, blending her learned skills with her intuition. Working with her has opened up my core and allowed some very deep holdings to release and for me tap into deep feeling of connection and joy. I will continue to work with Liesje and whole heartedly recommend her as a healing practitioner.

Mark Winer

Westford Vermont

Liesje is unmatched in her skill and presence, and this is why I send my patients to her. There are a lot of talented practitioners in this area, but I get treated by Liesje and send my patients to her because she gets results. Her understanding of the body and mastery of her modalities are much of why her work is effective. But her ability to tune in to what the person in front of her needs is what feels so healing. I highly recommend her for total body health and healing!

Brooke Moen

A friend recommended Liesje Smith as one who might help ease my aches, pains and stress by way of message. On the day I pulled up to Liesje's office in Shelburne, Vt. I nearly turned around as I saw the word Rolfing on the sign. I have long had the impression that a Rolfing session involved screaming and pain! Not so, I soon learned.

Thank goodness I did not go home, but instead found one.

So far, I have had 2 massages and am now enjoying a 10 session Rolfing experience. My body and spirit were in acute distress. Liesje worked with me in the most respectful way to help me out of my rut. As a result, I began believing in possibilities instead of problems- all through the art of Rolfing. Other benefits include deeper sleep, pain relief, better posture and an overall sense of wellbeing that increases everyday.

I highly recommend Liesje as a gifted Message and Rolfer, with a healing touch beyond compare. I am deeply grateful for her care.

Bonnie Beck

Police Officer and

I have known Liesje for eight years and have experienced several different types of bodywork with her. Whatever work we have done, she has always been a gentle, peaceful guiding presence for me, and creates a lovely, safe space. She always seems to know what is going on with my body better than I do, and she is also a great listener. She has most recently helped me deal with the effects of Parkinson's Disease and she has been wonderful. After I leave each session (which I usually hate to do!) I invariably feel better, more balanced and centered. She is a very important part of my life and I feel blessed to know her.

Mike Mulcahy