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We are teaching movement that flows, not sequences that are imposed.” Monica Caspari, Teacher of Rolf Movement


The Monthly Movement Lab: Moving for Essence-Dance Rolf Movement

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time: TBA

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Monthly Functional Movement Integration Lab: Moving for Essence, Dance Rolf Movement

“Rolf Movement ……..does not teach people how to move. It refreshes and differentiates the body’s [capacity to feel motion] so optimal choices are once again possible.”

-Kevin Frank, Rolf Movement Teacher

These are movement labs….

These are not like other movement-based classes (i.e. yoga, pilates, spinning or even dance). Here we awaken alignment through acknowledging your perceptual experience of being in line with gravity, and we help your body functionally coordinate around that. The skills you gain enhance all other experiences in your life—moving and static.

This is fluidity in function.

When we experience coordination, our movement is as good as gold. Learning coordination means we’re less apt to unconsciously manipulate our movement, which happens just beneath the surface of awareness. The felt-sense of our bodies brings us to experience more of:

  • our body’s frame in balance
  • dimensional movement in space
  • blood supply to create healthier, supple muscles
  • buoyancy in the fascia; the structural tissue which carries the body’s load and propels it into the next moment.

These labs are for anyone who wants to move more, move better and is curious about what can be discovered between the interplay of internal and external. No experience necessary. These classes will build on each other, but it’s fine to come to any one or all.

Moving Better, Living Better through Dance

date: 9/8-12/1

time: 9:30-10:30

time: 1202 Ferry Road, Charlotte

cost: $15

For generations, dance was held in the center of social gatherings of all kinds.  Dance provided the opportunity to develop incredibly valuable skills such as sequencing movement, being precise in expressivity and rhythm, and engaging socially through movement.  All of these qualities are critically important in sharpening neuro-pathways of the brain that enhance our quality of life, no matter what our age. These learning challenges, when taught in a group with good music, can be irresistible! And, these classes still provide all the good things other movement classes offer, such as building strength, stamina, flexibility and postural stability – so you’re getting your workout.