Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

Rolf Movement

“Movement is inherent, not superficial and not extra. It’s core to being human and to being part of a moving universe.” — Caryn McHose, co-author of “How Life Moves”

What’s Functional/Organic Movement?

When you listen to your body in movement, stillness or breath, you learn that it has its own voice– your body speaks through sensation.

Your body is intrinsic intelligence, refined through 3 billion years (first cell) of experimentation. Along the path of evolution, each step up to now has been the most whole yet, because it responded to sensation. Each adaptive process brought with it all that had responded well before. The brilliance, the inherent intelligence, the foundational wholeness is within you today.

With such a vast spectrum in mind, you may feel you could never be in touch with that sense of your body, but with exploration and a bit of daringness, together we can help you find a quality of fluid, easeful, uninhibited movement, and help you trust your core stability and balance that is inherent in the space all around you.

In other words, Rolf Movement® helps you feel more authority and agency in your world by orienting to sensation, space and weight. This has the possibility of offering you far more access to the aliveness and adaptable intelligence that otherwise is under-observed and in the sidelines of your life.

It’s your inheritances. Do you want it?