Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®


Often we go through periods when we sense that we are “off-base.”

We may initially identify these feelings as emotional, but upon closer examination, we can also experience them physically. When we haven’t recognized the body as a supportive guide that can relate to the present moment, we grasp, contract and lose “balance.” Not only do our emotions feel unrecognized, but over time our being habituates a loss of support. We age, and resort to see this disorientation as inevitable.

If you explore a more embodied felt-self, you can discover that your experience is relational—a process of orientating with the world through weight and space.

You can find that you have the innate capacity for a neverending dance of falling, finding support, reorienting and responding anew to each moment, again and again. You can open and attune to what else is happening, always responding and resonating.

When people feel and respond to balance as it is, they discover stability, flow, presence, ease and joy in a constantly moving world.

For a long time, I thought the intrinsically fluid movement I felt in my body might be me alone.

After much investigation, I realize it’s actually a relatable and common experience, but not often appreciated. It means recognizing that we all have organic, inherent functional and structural wholeness.

I help people understand how our bodies’ structures and our functional movements both flow in harmony.

We can move to feel good.

Rolfing® seeks to bring the body into better alignment with gravity. In about ten 90-minute sessions, people report feeling increased relaxation, range of motion and bodily awareness.

I can help change overused and poor postural habits toward core support that is effortless and natural. We can resolve past injuries, surgeries, structural pain and habits, bringing the body into the present moment, and thereby diminishing the possibility of future injury.

Each person shows up with their own physiological path and motivations that will influence their Rolfing experience. This is a chance to learn more about yourself, and how to increase your awareness of your body and how you choose to relate to it.