Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®




SourcePoint Therapy®  uses a hands-on scanning technique to locate energetic blockages in the body that obstruct Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. These blockages often manifest as physical symptoms. Applying the universal blueprint of health to these blockages reorders the individual energy field, supports the physical body, and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments.

Specific points of the body (depicted below) integrate us with that universal energy field. They represent:

  • Order – connecting us to Source
  • Balance – grounding the information of the Source into our body
  • Harmony – allowing that energy to work in the body
  • Flow – bringing us transformation.  Transformation promotes healing. Transformation is healing.

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When needed, I may work within emotional, karmic, traumatic, or invasive energetic realities. I also offer “distance healing” if you are unable to visit my office.

Individual sessions last between 75 and 90 minutes.

During an energetically based session, I might use the following techniques:

  • Clear the body of disruptive foreign energies
  • Revitalize the body’s guardian energies
  • Seal any places in the body that may be leaking vital energy
  • Revitalize the chakras (energy centers)
  • Strengthen the connection to the universal blueprint of health/source

Here is a wonderful account of the depth and breadth of SPT written by one of the co-founders of SourcePoint®, Donna Thomson:

“The information of the Blueprint contains the information of the highest potential for the human being. Each person who practices SourcePoint® on others, who explores the principles as a means of spiritual growth, and who uses the methods for self-healing, is working to actualize his or her full human potential. From the SourcePoint® perspective we see the full potential of the human being as health. And health in its highest sense for human beings on this planet means the ability to live together on earth in harmony with ourselves, others, the planet and the greater Order: living in the spirit of community, cooperation and sharing, rather than the old model of domination, aggression and violence. We are at a point where the old view of evolution has to shift. There has been a premise that our evolution depends on being constantly in survival mode. It’s a model based on control, domination and aggression: I’m going to protect myself and mine at all costs, and survive. Now, in order to survive as a species, and allow the earth to find its natural balance, we as humans have to understand that our survival depends on cooperation, sharing, communication, and working together for the greater good. This is another huge shift. To accomplish this, again, we each have to take personal responsibility.”