Liesje Smith

Certified Rolfing ®

The 10 Series


Rolfing® seeks to bring the body into better alignment with gravity. In about ten one-hour sessions, people report feeling increased ease, range of motion and awareness. Many people report a decrease in pain due to injury, overuse and poor postural habits.

The Ten-Series is the traditional and most effective form of Rolfing. Some people chose to do only the first three, which is a first go-around of the entire body. Some people need more than ten sessions to complete the series due to issues that arise.

The Ten-Series is divided into three distinct units:

Sleeve Sessions, Number 1 through 3

Called the “sleeve” sessions, numbers one through three strive to loosen and balance surface layers of connective tissue.

Did you know there are trillions of sensory nerve connections from the skin all the way to the deepest core of the body along the spine? When subconscious tension at the skin level is released, you will discover a deeper “embodied” meaning to relaxation. This is a sense of omnidirectional buoyancy—also known as “feeling lighter!”

Specifically, the first session enhances the quality of breath by differentiating the tensegral (bi-directional) structures of the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle from the spine.

The second session creates the experience of a stable foundation by balancing and relating the foot and the lower leg to the earth—and the head to the sky. The lower spine rests toward the earth, the upper spine (head) offers itself to and feels supported by the space around it. I know it sounds funny, but you can find it…..

The third session helps with the experience of “volume” in the body; the front and back surfaces are clarified as two supporting yet different planes.

These three sessions address the whole body as a first go around, before we enter more deeply. There is the option of choosing to do only these first three sessions.

Core Sessions, Number 4 through 7

Four through seven are referred to as “core” sessions, harmonizing the body from feet to head.

Now that your outer layers have softened, we have a new rapport with the body to respectfully enter more deeply. These sessions are designed to alleviate deeper strains and adhesions that have traversed and impacted various territories of your body, creating postural and functional limitations.

Session four begins this journey. Its territory extends from the inside arch of the foot and up the leg to the bottom of the pelvis.

The fifth session balances surface to deep abdominal layers from the pelvis to the shoulders.

The sixth session enlists more support and movement from the back legs, pelvis, sacrum and lower back, while the seventh session attends to balancing the neck and head upon a resolved lower body.

Integration Sessions, Number 8 through 10

In the remaining three sessions, we emphasize “integration.” Eight, nine and ten provide an opportunity to create a blending and clarifying of different body areas, encouraging smooth movement and natural coordination.

During sessions eight and nine, we are free to decide how best to achieve integration, as the protocol is customized for each individual.

Besides integration, the tenth and final session also inspires a sense of order and balance throughout the body.

Once completed, the wisdom of the Rolfing Ten Series will continue to evolve, inform and support the body with health for years to come.