Rolf Movement® 
SourcePoint Therapy®

Liesje Smith 
Shelburne, Vermont


Explore Rolfing as a way to bring greater aliveness to your body!
  • Rolfing is a body-mind therapy that facilitates the body’s innate ability to self-organize toward balance and wholeness within the relationship of gravity through hands-on fascial re-patterning and movement facilitation.
  •  In a series of  3-10  sequential sessions, strains and tensions are released that may have built up in your body over time.
  • The resulting freedom:
    •  positively transforms physical efficiency, order and appearance 
    •  increases emotional vitality as well as health and wellness

Why choose Rolfing with me?©_Jeff_Clarke_-0119

When working with you, I add energy and direction into your body toward greater order. I see how your body can organize itself in space as a resilient weight bearing system, without pain.  As I work, I hold the question, “What would I see if this structure could perfectly express the being that resides within?”  I put tissue where it needs to go, and you begin to feel clearer.  There is a better conversation between body and mind.

From working with me, clients have resolved long-standing structural pain, increased range of motion and energy, gained greater body awareness and ease, and achieved personal goals like losing weight, running marathons, initiating more self-care, and managing their lives more effectively. I am confident that you will benefit from your time with me.

When you work with me, I offer nearly 90 minutes of hands-on time, as well as a weekly evaluation of how things are coming along and simple post-session exercises.  These exercises will connect you to your own perceptive faculties, helping you to maintain what you have learned in the session and maximizing the value of our time together. You will leave the sessions with a stronger understanding of your body, the challenges you face, and the pathways to optimal vitality.

©_Jeff_Clarke_-0051What is a typical session of Rolfing like?

“Rolfing is a means of opening to engage with and explore the energy of life itself….” – Tom Wing

Under strain, the connective tissue of our bodies organizes itself to protect stresses and injuries. By compressing muscles and joints, this protection ultimately reenforces tensions and limits healing.  This coping mechanism leads to pain and discomfort, creating a functionally limiting pattern. Rolfing revises this pattern.

Typically, Rolfing is done in ten or three 90-minute sessions. This allows your body time to undergo balancing and long-lasting transformation. There is a progression from “unwrapping” the body from its superficial binds, to going deeper into the core, and finally moving back to integration. I ask you questions and provide you with movement exercises along the way to elevate your awareness of sensation. The touch is deep, but not painful or invasive.

I also offer a three session series that comprises the “outer sleeve,” or first phase, of the full ten sessions. We would continue by entering into “deeper layers” in Session 4.

Usually, people wear underwear or shorts, but comfortable clothing is also an option. I keep the room warm so you will be comfortable.

Who comes for sessions?

I work with people whose bodies have functional and structural problems that are impeding normal ease of motion or coordination.

These are people who:

  • are coping with accidents
  • have not found lasting results elsewhere
  • are serious athletes and put high demands on their bodies
  • are seeking alternative solutions to surgery
  • have physical impairments resulting from childbirth
  • suffer physical and psychological traumas
  • experience breathing problems
  • hold limiting patterns of self-understanding
  • simply know there can be more joy and vitality in their bodies


What have clients reported about their Rolfing experience?

Many of my clients choose to change this trajectory.

They are:

  • interested in having a more exciting and fulfilling relationship with their bodies
  • curious about how they can optimize the body’s functional health
  • are not persuaded by a quick fix that does not resolves the issue
  • appreciate that the approach I use releases the body and that it takes time to reorganize it in a coherent way

I don’t believe I cause the body to change; rather, I make change possible and enable the body to ignite and enter a healthier, freer state.  Once begun, this state of being is self-perpetuating.  Many of my clients report that they keep feeling better, long after the sessions are over.

As they stay with the process of Rolfing, clients also gain a greater sense of choice and freedom.  Even limiting patterns of self-understanding may resolve. I have been delighted to observe how Rolfing facilitates change in peoples’  lives precisely where they once struggled.

People have reported to me that they  have:

  • found the courage and support to easily face challenges that had been holding them back
  • been able to walk away from surgeries or felt more prepared and supported through surgery and they recovered faster
  • finally began to follow a more authentic, beneficial path that empowered their continual growth
  • initiated exercise programs, without forcing, and found that losing weight can be achieved with enthusiasm
  • noticed that changes were long-lasting and continued to blossom long after the series was completed

These results arise when the body is moving toward greater order, balance, harmony and flow.  Change occurs more easily, and lasts  longer when it comes from a place of genuine connection.


Other Modalities:

Source Point Therapy uses a hands-on scanning technique to locate energetic blockages in the body that obstruct the information of Order, Balance, Harmony and Flow. These blockages often are the source of symptom patterns.  Connecting to the universal blueprint of health and bringing this information to these blockages reorders the individual energy field, supports and sustains the physical body, and enhances the effectiveness of other treatments.

Rolf Movement: When you listen to your body in movement, in stillness, or in breath, you learn that it has its own voice, and speaks through sensation.  Using simple movement explorations, you can recognize and allow these sensations to occur, creating greater range of motion, stability and balance.  Limiting patterns release, and you increase your capacity to engage your life with vitality